MembersGear Features

Our membership software comes with more features than any other membership software of its kind. You can spend hundreds of even thousands of dollars on similar membership scripts, but you are not going to get as much flexibility and premium features as you will with MembersGear.

We understand that starting your business can be tough, many expenses can add up very quickly. We did not want to have to shell out $200 every time we wanted to make a new website either, that is why we created MembersGear. It was not originally indented for mass production, only for personal use. But we got so many good reviews we thought why not give it out for a huge discount and that is exactly what we have done!

MembersGear is now the best option for membership software on the Net today! It is low cost, but we always appreciate donations.

  • Membership software that comes with more features than any other
  • Easily integrates with PayGear on installation so no confusions
  • Supports a 2-tier affiliate program for those using JV brokers
  • Coupon code checkout pages so you may offer discounts
  • Offer free trials and let customers upgrade once they are membrers
  • Supports one time fees or recurring subscripion fee products
  • The highest security protection possible so no one can steal
  • Users can subscribe to many products with the same username
  • Automatically updates your affiliate marketplace listing in PayGear
  • Optionally require users to confirm agreement before purchase
  • Simple user interface makes it easy to set up and run a business
  • Easy to navigate admin control panel for fast and simple access
  • Email all or any group of customers with our built in autoresponder
  • Easy installation allows you to integrate our software within minutes
  • Drip content by time, date or set the number clicks allowed
  • Runs from your own hosting account so you are in control
  • One click folder or file protection so only members can access
  • Add multiple administrators and set their permissions access
  • Manually add new members and control their membership settings
  • Optional 1099 tracking which will track all affiliate payments
  • Protect files or folders with the highest security possible
  • Ability to easily create new plugins to fit your product
  • Web based installation for easy set up and understanding
  • Popular MySQL driven membership software for more compatibility
  • Easily customize your members area to match the look if your site
  • Easily import your current member database into MembersGear
  • Easily integrate one click upsells into your product flow
  • Ad unlimited Google AdWords or Analytics tracking codes
  • Add rotating login and logout page ads with new offers
  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields on the sign up form

What Makes Us Different

Sending commissions without a record of it can be a huge program if the tax man knocks at your door. Don't worry, MembersGear users can enable the 1099 tax servers and we will do all the work for you. We will collect W9 on your behalf, get the signature and then send the 1099 to the affiliate. It is all done automatically.
All other membership software that plugs into an affiliate manager requires you to change setting in your membership software and then go to your affiliate manager and make the changes. However, MembersGear plugs right in. Create products, set one time offers and MembersGear will automatically make the changes to the PayGear affiliate manager.
There is no need to fumble around trying to decide which security protection is right for your product. MembersGear offers the highest security all while giving you the most flexibility. No need to research which security is right for you MembersGear has figured it out already.
As everyone knows having a good affiliate manager can make a huge difference in traffic to your site. Many membership scripts do not support a second level of commission and instead make you buy another product if you need this feature. With MembersGear you can easily apply a 2-tier affiliate program and send commission to anyone who recommends your site to other affiliates.

Software Review


MembersGear has received the Best Web Tool award from Web Hosting Search! A company that is recognized for excellence in finding quality web tools for the people.

Our software not only ranks high with them, but will also rank high with you.