MembersGear Info

MembersGear Software is Cost Effective

MembersGear is professional membership security software that is cost effective for anyone to use. In order to download the MembersGear membership site software just create an account and sign in. Here you can then immediately access the installation file.

MembersGear Plug-ins

In most cases MembersGear main software is all you will ever need, however we do offer plug-ins for phpbb forums, and auto responders if you are wishing to link MembersGear to another web based applications. We charge $19.95 for plug-ins.

Professional Installation & Design

Our software is very easy to install, it only takes minutes and we do include both step by step written directions as well as video directions. However, if you desire professional installation or if you desire for us to design your mini site theme and install it we can also do be hired for that service as well.